Pan Blur

Photography worked really hard for the last 100 years to freeze time with fast shutter speeds. Really though we can not freeze time, we all move through it at an increasing speed.

Plants experience time through vertical growth and movement.

This series uses vertical movement during capture to bring the concept of growth and time together visually. These are wonderful on canvas.

Only one “Complete Series” will be offered, signed and numbered by the artist.

November Pan blurs 2 (2).jpgNovember Pan blurs 2 (4).jpgNovember Pan blurs 2015_1.jpgNovember Pan blurs 2015_3.jpgNovember Pan blurs 2015_4.jpgNovember Pan blurs 2015.jpgPan Blur Red Maples at dusk_1.jpgPan Blur Red Maples at dusk_2.jpgPan Blur Tamarisk.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_10-c46.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_11-c56.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_12-c14.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_13-c31.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_14-c8.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_15-c41.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_16-c21.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_17-c22.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_18-c51.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_19-c43.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_4-c30.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_5-c63.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_6-c24.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_7-c48.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_8-c44.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_9-c25.jpgPan Blur cat tails-c41.jpgPan Blur cattails_1-c64.jpgPan Blur cattails-c88.jpgPan Blur cottonwood by lake-c99.jpgPan Blur cottonwood overexposed_1-c83.jpgPan Blur cottonwood overexposed-c39.jpgPan Blur Cottonwoods on hillside-c86.jpgPan Blur cottonwoods_3-c11.jpgPan Blur cottonwoods_4-c4.jpgPan Blur cottonwoods-c67.jpgPan Blur maple and evergreen-c38.jpgPan Blur mausoleum-c13.jpgPan Blur pumpkin patch_1-c78.jpgPan Blur pumpkin patch-c74.jpgPan Blur purple flowers-c50.jpgPan Blur red flowers-c4.jpgPan Blur Red Maples at dusk-c40.jpgAspen Pan Blur_2-c60.jpgAspen Pan Blur_4-c11.jpgAspen Pan Blur_7-c50.jpgAspen Pan Blur_8-c40.jpgAspen Pan Blur-c60.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_1-c2.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_2-c70.jpgNovember Pan Blurs_3-c53.jpgNovember Pan Blurs-c95.jpg