Ultimately all any good teacher ever wants is for the students to become the masters.

Ethan is my son, he started shooting at 7 years old and is 9 currently. Here is a showcase of some of his images that I feel confident are worthy of holding up to the world. Most of his captures here are from age 8. I do not help him with ideas or composition, I do assist him with edits that he suggests, but these are his own works. He does do some of his own editing as well in Corel Paint shop pro. That is the program I recommend for all beginners as it is more user friendly than photoshop.

Grace started photography at age 9 and is now 11. Her favorite subjects are macros of flowers and plants, skies and trees. She always seems to find the right ones as well. I never help her with her captures and only help her with the edits she suggests, but she is quickly starting to do all her own editing.

Let me introduce you to Katie. She is only 7 years old, and has been shooting less than 6 months. She is an independent little student and goes off in search of her own finds, she never follows anyone else around to see what they thought was interesting. She as always asking to borrow the camera, and her only goal is to take a good enough picture that it goes on the wall. You be the judge, would you put any of these on your wall?