I have lived in Utah most of my life except for some time spent living in Austria and some time in Arizona. I am ashamed to admit the first visit I ever took to Arches was when I was 40 years old. I can tell you though it was a spiritual experience and everyone should make time to go there. Enjoy our arches.

All of our prints are produced using the best equipment in the industry including the Giclée process with ultrachrome HDR archival inks on the very best media possible. This will give you a production that will last for up to 200 years with no fading or deterioration in your home! These are not local photolab (i.e. Walmart or Costco) Quality but rather they are true professional quality prints created by hand by the artist. These are works of art, not just reproductions.

In most of my work I am a huge fan of sublimation printing. We can print on Aluminum for example that makes an image luminescent. It seems to glow from within. You can sublimate onto Maplewood blanks for example which gifts a softer earthy feel to an image. Sublimation prints come ready to hang, and they are a durable cleanable print.