Life is what you make of it


“Live Happy”

The constraints of this project are that each time a random alarm goes off on my phone I have 3 minutes to make images that are positive or interesting. Things that leave you feeling better after taking the time to notice them or contemplate them. The images are all shot with an 85mm lens at an aperture of f/1.4. The alarm goes off up to 3 times per day each day of the week. The images are then sequenced together in a meaningful way to read much like a story.

The project is not meant to imply that my life is interesting or fantastic, but rather that life itself is when we choose to look for it. There are the obvious things in front of our noses such as babies or animals or flowers, and there are the discreet things that must be searched out more carefully such as dew drops on grass or the way light reflects off of various surfaces. The intent of this work is to encourage others to view the things about them differently, and notice the things we may be filtering out in our busy lives.

Is life art or does it beget art? Is one the influence of the other or does one come before? I have learned through my work that they coexist with each other and feed one another. Each inspires the other. The more I look for positive things around me to shoot the more I find that there are more positive things around me to shoot, in turn inspiring me to shoot more positive things. We make our vision of the world through careful selection of what we choose to notice.

Choose to notice positive and interesting things.

The first presentation is a set of sequenced images that are meaningful when placed together. The set of images below are all the images I shot in the course of the project that either made me smile or that I found significant and interesting.